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leather handbags

Ada.G is the distinct style you have been searching for. In order to meet your need, our fashion label is truly one of this kind.? No matter leather handbags, fashion handbags or leather bags are all designed with high quality and individual unique style. For the past two years we have offered premium designer leather handbags to fashion enthusiasts across Australia and are continuing to expand our must have collections.

Since 2007, Ada.G designers have incorporated international season trends with our own elaborate design. Among the various handbags, the leather handbags, fashion handbags and leather bags are the core of Ada.G. They have already been the highlight of our yearly collection. Our detailed women's handbags have been manufactured with utmost care and usually taken one piece of best materials to make up of the bags to ensure premium quality.

Ada.G design and manufacture a range of quality women's handbags including:

* Leather Hand Bags
* Leather Clutches, Shoulder Bags and Tote Bags
* Non Leather Clutch, Shoulder and Handbags

Our unique leather handbags have been continually developed and are now recognised for their premium quality, fashionable design and unbeatable value. As a unique fashion label, Ada.G recognises the importance of handbag quality and sells wholesale leather hand bags, fashion handbags and leather bags directly to the public at a desirable cost.

Look fashionable whilst remaining practical; collect the Ada.G style today. To purchase a genuine, unique leather handbags, fashion handbags and leather bags , please contact Ada.G via email sales@adag.com.au or submit an online contact form.

2009 Collection This year, the leather handbag has taken on a frilly style. Keeping up with world fashions, leather handbags, leather bags and fashion handbags of Ada. G are designed with unique flair yet incorporate the ruffled style striking catwalks abroad.

2009 was the year for visual appeal, women's handbags becoming the must have fashion accessory to enhance individual style. Leather handbags, fashion handbags and fashion bags belonged to Ada.G are manufactured to make a statement, our one of a kind pieces designed to complement 2009 fashions.

The Ada.G leather handbag, fashion handbags and leather bags incorporate sheik flowing styles. The ruffled patterns, gentle frayed leather and stunning golden studs prove to be the ultimate fashion accessory.

Ada.G's 2009 collections evoke feminine and elegant desire. Each leather handbag, fashion handbags or leather bags is a part of an overall detailed collection. Our 2009 designer bags are manufactured of the highest quality leather and are imported directly from the manufacturers.

If you wish to obtain one of our high fashion, detailed designer 2009 leather handbags, fashion handbags or leather bags, you can email to Ada.G at sales@adag.com.au or submit an online contact form.

Ada.G Leather Handbags
As the handbag designer experts, Ada.G leather handbags are of high standard. Although only 1/5th of the cost of other designer bags, our leather handbags still retain aesthetic value and fashionable flair. At Ada.G, we strive to provide Australian's with functional yet designer quality bags.

New arrivals
The latest leather handbags from our creative designers adhere to the 2009 ruffled style. The frilled look is back in fashion and is not going to disappear any time soon. At Ada.G ,we have included the latest trend in our newest leather handbags. Frills and studs dominate the new arrivals. Purchase our stud, frilled or slouch leather hand bags in tan, black, white or grey.

Leather Clutch
Sometimes a hand bag is not practical and at Ada.G we have designed an equal, yet simple solution. The leather clutch is our answer to simplistic high fashion. Leather hand bags may be too big to carry around for an evening, but an Ada.G leather clutch could be just what you're after. Designed to allow room for everyday necessities, our leather clutch is manufactured to the latest fashion. Our leather clutch comes in tan, brown and black and is the perfect accessory.

Shoulder bags
In addition to our premier leather hand bags and clutches, Ada.G also supply shoulder and tote bags. Available in green, white, cream, black and brown our shoulder bags will provide fashionable functionality for everyday use. Most of our shoulder bags will include detachable straps so you can style your bag to suit you.

Tote Bags
Perfect for a night on the town, our leather totes will keep your items safe. Like our leather hand bags, our tote bags are designed to last. Ada.G's tote bags are simple and elegant, each piece carefully manufactured for ultimate style. Whether you seek a small tote, leather clutch or leather handbag úČAda.G has a number of extensive designs available. Ada.G offers unbeatable value and will ensure free shipping for any purchase over $100.

If you wish to obtain one of our high fashion, detailed designer leather handbags email Ada.G at sales@adag.com.au or submit an online contact form.

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